Recital Information

Showbiz Kidz produces an annual recital to showcase what students have learned throughout the dance year.  This year, we will be doing two shows that will last approximately two hours each.  Those students who have siblings and/or students that are taking multiple classes may be split into different shows.  We know that this may seem inconvenient to some, yet please understand that due to the size of this studio, we cannot possibly accommodate each family or multiple class student into ONE SHOW.  The division of the classes into the two shows will be posted in April.


 Recital Date

Show Name: Dancing in the Streets

When: Saturday, June 16th

Time: 1:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Where: The NEW Phillipsburg High School Auditorium


Recital Rehearsal Date


When: Thursday, June 14th

Time: TBD



The payment for the costume and tights will be made in November.  No costume will be ordered without payment.  There are no refunds of costume payments.  Child Size Costume and Tights are $85.  Adult Size Costume and Tights: $90.



In order to cover the numerous expenses that are incurred when producing a show, it is necessary to charge an entrance fee of $18.  The price of the tickets reflects the cost of leasing the facility, professional sound and lighting equipment, specially recorded music, light and sound operators, stage props, set decorations, backstage crews, show tickets, show programs, and custodial staff.



There will be NO VIDEO CAMERAS OR CAMERAS OF ANY KIND allowed at the stage rehearsal, dress rehearsal, or show.  This includes cameras on cellphones! Video camera and cameras are not only extremely distracting to the performers on stage, but also to audience members trying to view their child on stage.  People with video cameras lined up in the aisles and the sides create a chaotic and potentially dangerous situation that can ruin the production.  The show will be professionally videotaped and tapes shall be available for purchase.


Picture Day

Class and individual pictures in show costumes will be taken by a professional photographer at the studio during the afternoon and evening hours.


Recital Bouquets

Showbiz Kidz Dance Center is excited to offer recital bouquets for sale this year for your special dancer.

No Need to:

  • stand in lines at the last minute
  • run late to the recital
  • bring separate cars
  • not have something to give to your special dance

What do you need to do?

  • Make your selection
  • Complete the order form at the studio
  • Drop order and payment to the payment box inside the Studio 9checks payable to Showbiz Kidz)
  • Collect order(s) from friends/family who cannot be there to enjoy the show!

**All paid orders will be ready & waiting for you 1 hour PRIOR to showtime in the lobby at Phillipsburg High School on the day of the show **

*Please get your order form at the studio