What are the qualifications of the Showbiz Kidz staff?

All of the instructors at our studio have or are working towards Performing Arts degrees.  Nancy Lihan (Artistic Director) not only has a Performing Arts degree, but also extensive professional performing experience in both TV and stage.

In addition to tuition, are there any other costs associated with enrolling my child in Showbiz Kidz?

There is once yearly registration fee, which covers all family members enrolled in classes.  There is also the cost of purchasing the proper shoes for the dance year as well as a costume payment fee.  Recital costs include costumes, tickets, and a professional DVD of the performance.

Besides the Annual Recital, are there any additional performance opportunities for my child?

Showbiz Kidz is pleased to offer multiple performance opportunities for our students.  All students enrolled in a dance class are eligible to participate in our exciting Holiday Show, held during the winter season each year.  Showbiz Kidz also offers an extensive competition program.  The Competitive Track is by Directors’ Recommendation only and allows for numerous performance opportunities throughout the entire dance year.  Details on this program can be found under the Classes link at the top of the page.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, Showbiz Kidz does have a dress code in place.  Proper class attire is listed below and can also be found in the Studio Policies handout given to all parents at the start of the dance year.

  • Dance Classes: Leotard and tights
  • Any color and appropriate style may be worn
  • Dancers should be able to move comfortably in the dance attire
  • Tight fitting dance clothes are necessary so the teacher can see body lines to make needed corrections
  • Acrobatics: Transition or Footless tights, leotards, shorts, tight fitting camisole tops
  • HipHop: Jazz pants, leotards or tight fitting camisole tops

Where do we get dance shoes?

Showbiz Kidz sells the proper shoes right in our studio!  This provides convenience for parents, ensures that the dancer will be wearing the proper shoes and that all students in the class are wearing matching footwear.

  • PreDance, KinderDance: White Ballet Slippers, White Tap Shoes
  • Ballet/Tap Combo: Pink Ballet Slippers, Tan Tap Shoes
  • Jazz/Tap Combo: Tan Jazz Boots, Tan Tap Shoes
  • Hip Hop: White or Black HipHop Sneakers (Color is level-dependent)
  • Acrobatics: Tan Foot Thongs

What age does my child have to be in order to enroll in Showbiz Kidz classes?

We offer dance classes starting for children at age 18 months.  Descriptions of classes offered can be found under the Classes link at the top of the page.

Does Showbiz Kidz offer any programs during the summer?

Our studio is pleased to be one of the few in the area to offer an extensive list of fun summer programs! Showbiz Kidz puts on many great summer classes and camps to keep your children busy and active during the months off from school.  A registration fee is not charged for summer enrollment, and proper shoes/dress code is not required.  Summer at Showbiz Kidz is a fun, affordable way to meet our friendly staff, sample our dance program, and see all that our studio has to offer.