*Admission by Director’s Recommendation Only

Recreational Team

This team provides beginning and intermediate level students ages 9 and up, a great introduction to our competitive program.  These students dance approximately 4 hours a week with classes that meet twice weekly in ballet, tap, jazz, with a choice of either lyrical or acrobatics.  The objective of this program is to concentrate on advancing their dance technique, skill level, and stage presence. Students will participate in the annual recital and 2-3 competitions during the season.

Tiny Competition Team

This introductory level competition team is comprised of enthusiastic young dancers ages 6-8 yrs. old.  These students take the following mandatory core classes: ballet, jazz, tap, and acrobatics.  This minimum of 4 classroom hours will be taken in classes twice a week.  The curriculum is centered around building strong technique on a more disciplined level than that of recreational classes.  These dancers will perform in the annual recital and 2-3 competitions per season.

Mini Elite Competition Team

This team is for those students, ages 9- 11 yrs. old.  The curriculum for this team focuses on expanding technique as well as stage presence and developing the emotional/dramatic aspects of stage performance. Students on this team take a minimum of 5 hours of classes (ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics) that meet twice a week and  2 Saturday rehearsals per month.  In addition to the annual recital, they will enter 4 competitions during the year.

Junior Competition Team

This intermediate level team is designed for the serious student that has 5 years of dance experience.  The average age of this team is 10-13 yrs. old with competition experience.  The students on this team will be introduced to more advanced technique and skills taking 7 classroom hours in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and acrobatics.  These dancers will also be exposed to many opportunities unique to the Showbiz Kidz curriculum.  In addition to instruction and choreography led by our current staff, the students will have competitive routines staged and choreographed by Master Teachers out of New York.   This team will perform in the annual recital as well as 4 competitions during the season.

Upper Level Team

Dancers at this level should be very serious and committed to handle the demands of an advanced level of technique and performance skills.  They are enrolled in 7.5 hours of classes (ballet, tap jazz, lyrical, modern, and acrobatics) that meet 3 times per week.  Class time at this level places equal focus on both technique and performance.  These dancers will also be awarded the same opportunities that are listed above for the Junior Team.  Past guest teachers and choreographers include: NYC Ballet, Paul Taylor, Ballet Tech of NYC, the American Repertory Ballet.  Other opportunities include trips to NYC to take classes from notable industry professional, invitations to workshops and master classes at nearby colleges, and much more!  This team is featured in our annual recital and 4 competitions during the season.